V D-XF Choker chain

Choker chain with extreme choker hook XF + slip through pin.

Easy formation and release of choker slings without reduction of the tensile force thanks to the special design of the XF choker hook. When using the XF extreme forestry hook and the GBGV sliding shoe there is no shearing effect. Thus, no tensile force reduction. High tensile chain with unique CHOKER profile.

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Specification table

Código tensile force
Diámetro nominal dn
JOKER V 7 D-XF 3000 4.500 7 3.000 4,60
Joker V 7 D-XF 2000 4.500 7 2.000 3,30
Joker V 7 D-XF 2500 4.500 7 2.500 3,90
Joker V 8 D-XF 2000 6.000 8 2.000 4,40
Joker V 8 D-XF 2500 6.000 8 2.500 5,30
Joker V 8 D-XF 3000 6.000 8 3.000 6,30
There is no need to lower the tensile force thanks to the special design of the XF extreme choker hook.
The specified length is without slip through pin.