KSS Clevis turnbuckle G8

A permanent position.

The clevis system of this extremely robust turnbuckle is die-forged and tempered on both sides, in compliance with grade 8 and manufactured according to EN 12195‑3. The turnbuckle comes with a full operating manual and is suitable for the assembly of one-part lashing chains. Its great benefit: the chain may be assembled directly, without the need for a connecting link.

Thanks to its clevis system, the turnbuckle is easy to install – no special tools are required. Please note that the turnbuckle is not suitable for frictional lashing. In combination with grade 10 chains, the lashing capacity must be assessed according to grade 8!

The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBS-KSS spare parts set.

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Specification table

Código Capacidad de trincaje LC
Área de tensión
L min.
L max.
KSS 8 40 115 330 445 9 2,05
KSS 10 63 210 460 670 13 4,49